First Causatum: PROJECTION BIAS(ing) will take us on a journey within the Live Cinema genre of moving image creation, the artists performing use the actual medium of film to create their performances, they use analogue 16mm film projectors to project, loop, transform the celluloid medium. Live Cinema practices and its origins lie in the medium of film and it is constantly expanding its boundaries. Historically, Cinema is a term bound to linear narrative, cause and effect, frontal projection, passive voyeurism disregarding individual’s background or gender… Live is a word signifying present, real, factual, the simultaneous creation of image and sound on the spot and all the inherent risk in improvisation. Live Cinema is a term of contradiction which will be celebrated at WHS on 29th September, 2017.


Britt Al-Busultan The work of Britt Al-Busultan (née Kootstra) shows itself as “tableaux vivants,” and manifests as hand-processed analog films, film installations and live cinema performances in which seemingly everyday places and events separate themselves from our world. She currently works and lives in Övermalax, Finland, where she founded the artist-run film lab Filmverkstaden.

Natalia Koziel was born in Bydgoszcz, Poland in 1987. Recently living, working, having fun, wondering and inventing in Helsinki, Finland. In her work she moves between the worlds of painting and printmaking, where she found her specific language. As an artist she positions herself in handling simultaneously big size canvases, stamp size graphics, spatial projections and live cinema performances. She has been mostly working with machinery of slide, overhead, super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film projectors. Through that optical tools, she is delivering her printmaking actions. She is fascinated by the film history, nature, chemistry and various film related materials.

Her projects are often standing on the borderland of print, theatre and film.

Martina Miño Pérez is an Ecuadorian multidisciplinary artist, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Her work explores the shared territories between reality and fiction, through collage, experimental writing, poetry, video, philosophy and installation. She is also member of the collective Third Space which manages an independent gallery of emerging art. Martina’s visual poetry and texts have been exhibited and published in Europe, U.S.A and Latin America.


“ALIASING” aka Roberto Pugliese, (M.Phil., D.Sc. (Technology), ITA/FI, b. 1980) is a media artist and researcher based in Helsinki,working with time-based digital and physical media. His work consists of compositions, installations and performances. Often concerned with memories, recordings and loss, his pieces can incorporate animation, sound, moving objects and the modification of physical media using programmed hardware and software. By collecting, processing and coupling audio and visual material, he works towards a common language among visual and sonic imageries. The installations often use sound and its transformation to establish alternative relations between the visitor and the space.

Marek Pluciennik is an independent filmmaker and live cinema artist in Helsinki since the mid 90’s. . His films and video have been screened among others in Madatac07 Festival in Madrid, Images Film Festival in Toronto, International Short Film Festival in Tampere, as well as contemporary art galleries in Poland, Sweden, Hungary and Hong Kong.

He currently explores intuitive filming practices within live art and music based structures, focusing on live video signal processing and projection through which he probes the concepts of presence and absence in the digital present.

Vapaa pääsy / Free entrance

Kesto / Duration : noin /about 2h