Russian with Sound & Silence

Kuule kaukaisen maiseman sointi. Kolmen eristäytyneen yhteisön äänet ja hiljaisuudet vievät tuttujen ympäristöjen tuolle puolen kolmessa nuoren polven venäläisten elokuvaohjaajien dokumentissa. Maiseman ääni ylittää sukupolvien rajat.

Listen to remote landscapes. The voices, sounds and silences of three isolated communities far beyond our familiar environments are heard in three documentaries by young generation Russian film directors. The voice of the landscape crosses over boundaries of generations.

7.4. klo 18 Bonfires & Stars

Film by Sasha Voronov

Russia, 58 min, 2015

Moa Pillar, an electronic music artist, heads for the Caucasus in search of inspiration, and then to work with traditional Circassian musicians. Although he is looking forward to new encounters and discovering another culture, his guide, Bulat, constantly questions the value of this experience and the possibility of any dialogue between secular traditions and modern culture. For, too often, electronic music has been content to affix a mechanical rhythm onto samples of traditional music in order to make them ‘modern’. Moa Pillar’s project is driven by the ideal of dialogue and exchange, but the initial momentum of opening up to others can easily be transformed into mistrust, given how blurred the lines between appropriation and collaboration are.

Bonfires & Stars accompanies the two protagonists, coming to support the approach as much as it questions it. But beyond assisting, by completing the project to gather folkloric musical material and placing the character in the Caucasus’s grandiose and elusive landscapes, the film captures the pantheist mysticism that the musical project is attempting to find.

7.4. klo 19:15 Ok Good

Film by Aleksandra Kulak, Yuliya Kurmangalina, Anna Kornienko

Russia, 20 min, 2015

Documentary musical is about life in the russian remote place near Vologda. This is the sound: music, human voice, and silence.




7.4. klo 20 Salamanca

Film by Aleksandra Kulak, Ruslan Fedotow

Russia, 41 min, 2015

In Salamanca time stopped two hundred years ago, when the first Mennonites came to Mexico in search of their place on the Earth. Here everything is predetermined, and lives of the descendants are repeating lives of their ancestors.

Private story here is only a part of family history, and one man’s destiny tells us about any other one.While the hero of the film recalls his childhood in search of the right answer to the most important question of all his life, days, months, and years slowly go by in Salamanca.